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Light. It. Up.

Sometimes the best sparks come after you've burned something down.

At the inaugural RSP 9-Hour Challenge on November 6th, 90 women -- inspired by the spirit, optimism, and go-get-it energy of RSP Lead Voice Hilary Bilbrey -- let it go to let it shine in 2022. Each of us committed to shedding a negative thought or self-talk pattern, or kicking aside a perceived barrier to change and forward momentum.

Then Hilary literally burned that shit for us, giving us clear eyes and a fresh start for the new year.

Weren't with us on Nov. 6th, and looking for a spark of your own? Chances are one of your fellow RSPers had the same thought. Give Hilary's Burning (Wo)man a watch, celebrate our collective shedding, and bring new perspective to discovering your next best thing in 2022.

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