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We Are All Liars.

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

By Lead Voice, Emily McAuliffe (originally posted on 6.10.21 via LinkedIn)

But at RSP, we reframe them into truths that move us. No excuses.

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We are all liars.

You probably told one today. Maybe it was a white lie to get out of an awkward situation. Or maybe it was a bigger fib, told to protect yourself or someone else from embarrassment or punishment. Or was it really the biggest kind: the kind you tell yourself *about* yourself? The kind that creates roadblocks and barriers to movement or change; that helps you avoid hard decisions; that lets your fears win by pretending to be reason, safety, rationality.

Those are really guarded or disguised excuses. So at the RSP “Three Lies and a Truth” Happy Hour this week, we forced our badass-yet-vulnerable, and kinda squirmy selves to get honest about them.

We started small: What is a lie you told today? “I’m definitely going for a run before work...” “I am totally sticking with my diet today…” “I don’t mind that my A/C is broken, and I won’t complain about it...” Yeah. Right.

But then it got real: Two more breakouts where we went deep. What’s the biggest lie you tell others? And what’s the whopper you tell yourself? That’s where the fear -- the excuses -- bubbled up.

“I tell people I haven’t changed careers because I have such a good thing going right now. But the reality is, I’m scared.” “I’m too old to move into that field.” “I always have it all under control.”

Oooooof. Head nods all around.

Time to reframe that junk.

Start here: “What do you believe to be true about your future?” You'll soon see that every one of those monster lies that hold us back can be made into a truth that we love. That inspires us. That moves us.

  • Lie: “I need more.” Truth: I am enough. I have enough.

  • Lie: “I can’t afford it.” Truth: I can prioritize differently.

  • Lie: “I’m too old for that.” Truth: I have great judgment and wisdom.

  • Lie: “I just got lucky.” Truth: I am damn good at what I do.

And the biggest truth? The real risk is staying exactly where you are.

Of course, that’s why RSP exists: To help you find your next best thing. Then crush any lies in your way of getting there, and turn them into actionable truths. All alongside other successful women asking the same questions, challenging the same status quo, and drafting new scorecards of success.

So over the next month, challenge yourself to reframe one of the lies you tell yourself. Then shout it out at our next Happy Hour on July 20th.

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