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What Do I Need?
Who Will Hold Me to My Plan?

Yeah you! You've done the work and have a strong sense of what's next. You're ready to take action. New role, different vertical, skilling up or hanging out your own shingle, whatever you've decided now is the time to get serious about putting the plan to action, making it happen AND sticking to it. Let's get you to it!


Pitch Perfect: Craft Your Story 

Personal brand or business value proposition, the key to convincing your new audience that you're worthy of the hire or the business includes crafting a story that influences. You'll walk away from this class with improved storytelling skills and capabilities for building a pitch that wins them over every time.

Marketing Madness 

Marketing yourself or your business is both a talent and a skill. Fine tuning your strategy includes knowing which channel to use when, not to mention having the confidence to put your money where you mouth is - when the time is right. Join this class to know how, when, where and why.

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