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RSP is for the square peg, round hole overachieving badass woman often bored long before the rest of those in the room, a seeker of challenge (again and again and again!), with a fervor for living life to its fullest - 24/7, 365. It’s that simple and that complicated.

Q. What type of organization is RSP?

RSP is an experiences organization designed to help individuals find what's next.


Q. What does RSP do?

RSP guides women from point A to point B so that they might get on the path to finding their next best thing. 


Q. How do I know if RSP is right for me?

If you’ve been feeling restless (for whatever reason!) in work or life, but can’t articulate WHAT you want to do next or WHERE to start - then RSP is for you. 


Q. How does it work?

RSP helps individual find their next best thing in a number of ways: 

1. We help you identify your starting point (Ready. Set. Pivot.).


2. We recognize three stages of change and offer six questions as a framework for moving to and through change, so you can realize it in a more meaningful way - faster.


3. We design experiences such as popups, workshops, classes, happy hours, accountability sessions, boundary-pushing events that deliver small and actionable steps, so you can move toward making positive change – today, not tomorrow.


4. We connect you to the people and places you need to get the answers to the questions you're aiming to answer, regardless of your stage.


Q. How do I get started?

Become an RSPer and then simply select an RSP experience that matches the amount of time, energy and effort you want to put toward making change happen. For a great sample of who we are and what we do, we encourage you to join us for one of our RSP Happy Hour experiences. Or schedule an About RSP Meet & Greet to learn more.


RSP Insider Tip: whatever you choose, we recommend starting sooner rather than later, as meaningful change takes considerably more time than most of us naturally think or plan for. 

Q. Which RSP experience is best for me?

Your level and type of engagement is your choice. RSP is designed to offer you the option to be a part of a community that consistently pushes you toward the realization of positive change – whatever engagement you choose. Cohort experiences are a great way to get dive deep, while attending any of our experiences will help you move forward in real time.


You can become an RSPer and go all in on planning your next best thing (Making Change Happen). RSPers often commit to networking, happy hour engagement, 1:1 accountability sessions and the opportunity to challenge their skillset and ways of thinking through class participation, cohort experiences and pop-up events.


All are welcome to join individual events at any time. One-time or drop-in RSP Experience participants can enjoy the opportunity to make incremental progress on change while being surrounded by a group of individuals who get you  and where they’re coming from.

RSP offers flexibility, with experiences that push you toward the realization of what you want to do next. It’s all about continuous movement and progress - at your pace.


Q. What’s unique about RSP?

1. RSP solves one of the biggest challenges people have in making change happen – getting started! That’s exactly why we offer drop-in experience flexibility.

2. RSP gives you a place to start. As an RSPer on the Make Change Happen plan for example, you receive a YNBT (Your Next Best Thing) Plan to get you on your way.


3. RSP leverages its network to connect members with the critical resources and recommendations they need regardless of stage or question. In addition, happy hours, accountability sessions, classes and cohort experiences are designed to help you answer the questions you need along the way. Pop-up events, excursions and sponsor experiences offer challenges that enable change to happen more quickly.


4. RSP experiences are unique. In fact, no two will ever be exactly the same – or explicitly or intentionally recreated to be like another. Life is simply too short to do anything twice!


Q. What’s a use case for someone who is considering making a change?

If your aim is to work and make a meaningful and significant change in your career / work-life sometime in the next 12 months – then RSP is for you. Whether you’re considering a new industry, a shift within your field, side hustle exploration, starter build of an entrepreneurial idea or a return to work altogether, the steps to get to the end goal often takes longer than you plan for (and more rewarding too!). 


Q. Why join RSP?

It’s always the right time to make meaningful change. Whether you become a member or opt into a one-time experience, the choice is yours. we stand by our experience offerings with a 100% money-back guarantee. 


Q. Who is eligible to join RSP?

All individuals who have a desire to take an active step toward finding their next best thing are eligible to join. Participants of RSP are oftentimes those who have been unhappy in their day-to-day work for a period of time. Or, they have had a desire to return to work or do something new, after having been relied upon for their expertise and skills for the past 15+ years in one area or category.


These individuals also tend to be in their second act of life and can appreciate the challenges from having grown up as a part of the ‘follow the rules’ (GenX) or ‘do the right thing always’ (Boomer) generations. 


Q. How do I know if I have enough time to make change happen?

1. Each RSP experience gives you dedicated time to address the questions you need to answer, while simultaneously aiming to move you toward uncovering your next best thing. That means when you select an experience, you can expect to make change during that dedicated time. Two birds, one stone. That’s how we think, work and play. 


2. If you think you might be ready to ‘move onto your next thing’ in a year or so, then now is the time to get started. Oftentimes identifying WHAT you want to do is preceded by needing to get to the answers of other questions like, ‘Why AM I still doing this?’ and ‘What makes me happy?’ On the short end of things (and at your skill set / performance level), many plan for 6-9 months before they move to new.


Q. How would I describe RSP to a friend or colleague?

RSP is the only point-to-point designed service solution offering for finding your next best thing. Some describe RSP as a mentorship, networking, executive / career coaching, life coaching, self-help books, education, and resource offering all rolled into one.


Q. Who’s behind RSP?

Women just like you -- successful leaders who sought something *different.* Something more fulfilling. But weren't sure how to get there. 


The originating founders brought their unique and individual career expertise to RSP. Combined, that adds up to 100+ years of experience in the areas of life coaching & leadership, marketing, entrepreneurship and human resources. Joining forces for RSP, their backgrounds are put together to understand your perspective while aiming to catalyze women positively forward.


Q. Why RSP? Why now?

The RSP collective (founders & RSPers) are of like mind and spirit in more ways than one. We believe the power of many is stronger than the individual. When the abilities of already strong successful women are amplified, the possibilities for uncovering new truths about one’s self offers us each a more meaningful path for change – in work and life.


Q. How would you describe RSPers (aka participants)?

RSPers are women of high expectations; their accomplishments are remarkable. They have led and accomplished the things they once thought of as the goals of others. As women of substance, they want for more and share a desire to achieve AGAIN. We want change for ourselves and one another. 


Q. What can I expect once I engage?

All experience participants (drop-in or otherwise) should expect to give more than they get. That means not just getting back to a fellow RSPer with the answer to their question if / when they reach out, but going above and beyond to ensure they really got what they needed to move forward.


Q. What’s the mission of RSP?

RSP will challenge the universe to think differently about talented women and help them define new measure of success.


Q. How will RSP deliver on its mission?

RSP invites participants to share their voice with leaders of organizations interested in forwarding the conversation on ageism, diversity and inclusion. Specially, we’ll ask third parties to reconsider the one way ladder as one of the only ways to define success. Or that young is the only definition of energetic and eager, or that ambitious and agile equates to 2-5 years of experience. Our voices and leadership will be used to help others see that we’re not just ready to do and lead new things, but that it’s what has made us successful. 

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