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Join us for The 2024 RSP Fall Experience


Here. We. Go. Again.

Join us this October

You're invited to join us as we gather to challenge the universe to see talented

women differently and help them create new measures of success.


From inspiring one another through strategic ideas and personal stories of kick ass triumph, to

taking on the very norms that got us here, we'll use the time together to plot and support change in new and meaningful ways while invoking new strategies and tactics for moving forward.


If you're aiming to meet, retain, source and connect with talented women - THIS is the place.

If new ways to support your DEI goals and fill talent gaps is on your list -  THIS is the place


If you're an organization ready to hire, be lead by and welcome bold women - THIS is the place.


If you're a talented woman looking for new topics + how to make change happen - THIS is the place.

If you want to be surrounded by the bold, amazing and unapologetic - THIS is the place.

If you want to be challenged to think new, differently and build your change muscle - THIS is the place.

This is the place to prepare to be inspired - to be change ready, to make change happen. 

Talent seekers, job hunters, inspiring leaders, changemakers,

impatient overachievers, out of the box thinkers - all are welcome here.

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Who Are We
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