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We hear a lot about the value of speed. Work fast! Move fast! No nonsense! Get. Shit. DONE!

And that’s all good. But we also know that change can take time, whether that’s time invested in planning, in preparing, in simply giving yourself the brain space to really sit with your gut, your brain, and your heart and to listen to what they’re telling you about your options.

But – hear us out – what if you could have it both ways? The time to rest, consider, think … AND still move fast? It’s totally doable, according to our January Happy Hour guests, Lauren Chitwood and Sarah Moe.

Lauren Chitwood is a serial entrepreneur. While still in her 30s, she had already started three – THREE! – successful businesses, learning from each about what motivated her most, and where she wanted to go next. Then getting on with it. How did the now-CEO and cofounder of Spiritless, a maker of non-alcoholic bourbon, make it work?

First, she acknowledges that the stakes are lower when you’re younger. Your living expenses are likely still low, you may not have kids or other dependents, and ideas of risk are very different when you’re 20 than when you’re 40+. BUT: the experience, network, and self-awareness of your superpowers you’ve gained in 20+ years of working are serious risk-mitigating factors. Use them to grease your own skids.

Ensure your next step allows you to work with people who complement your skills. A crew of colleagues who are good at the things you are not is truly the definition of the whole being greater than the sum of the parts.

If entrepreneurship is on your radar, consider whether a service or product business is right for you. Consulting or planning services often mean your business is your time and your brainpower – and that has finite scope and energy. Breaks are essential to keeping things moving. And while product businesses certainly need a hefty time (and financial) commitment to get off the ground, it will use your brain space differently, and tax you in different ways.

And products like Lauren’s Spiritless Kentucky 74 are an excellent choice for those of us looking to improve another pillar of productivity: SLEEP. Yep, sleep.

Sarah Moe, CEO of Sleep Health Specialists, was there to remind us that sleep is one of the three most essential building blocks of productivity-ensuring energy. While alcohol is a sedative that will help you FALL asleep, that drowsy, post-cocktail buzz will prevent you from cycling through the sufficiently deep sleep cycles that are required for physical cellular restoration.

Sarah also busted the myth that we need less sleep as we get older. Hello, fellow 40- and 50-somethings: We still need a good 7 to 8 hours per night. So this night owl is going to mix up a sleep-friendly Spiritless Old Fashioned, and work on resetting her sleep clock to get to bed a bit earlier (with help from Sarah’s upcoming sleep solutions pop-up course especially for RSPers on Wednesday, Feb. 23rd, 2022. Sarah is offering 50 percent off her regular course rate!)

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Sometimes the best sparks come after you've burned something down.

At the inaugural RSP 9-Hour Challenge on November 6th, 90 women -- inspired by the spirit, optimism, and go-get-it energy of RSP Lead Voice Hilary Bilbrey -- let it go to let it shine in 2022. Each of us committed to shedding a negative thought or self-talk pattern, or kicking aside a perceived barrier to change and forward momentum.

Then Hilary literally burned that shit for us, giving us clear eyes and a fresh start for the new year.

Weren't with us on Nov. 6th, and looking for a spark of your own? Chances are one of your fellow RSPers had the same thought. Give Hilary's Burning (Wo)man a watch, celebrate our collective shedding, and bring new perspective to discovering your next best thing in 2022.

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Planning. Researching. Inhaling information; waiting for the right time to make a move.

Yes, preparation is important. But sometimes, too much assessing & information gathering is really just procrastination. Or even avoidance. In either case, it’s in the way of action. Sometimes, you need to get out of your head so you can see the signs around you, and start taking action toward your next best thing.

At our December RSP Happy Hour, guest speaker Jamie Adam Taets, founder and CEO of business consulting firm Keystone Group International, challenged each of us to stop getting ready to get ready — and to take note of all the signs around us that it’s time to spark a fire.

For Jamie, her sign to move to a new path was the recurring rumble strips she kept hitting in her former corporate role. A periodic, vibrating sense that something wasn’t right — the impact she wanted to have wasn’t happening; the opportunities were no longer exciting. So she made an entrepreneurial move, one that — like those rumble strips — she felt in her bones was the right one.

Want to sponge up some of Jamie’s bias to action? Here are her top four tips to finding your own oomph today, and into 2022.

  1. Filter the noise. Most of it comes from people who love you most, but who likely have a different tolerance for risk. Don’t follow through on their fears … follow through on what your gut has to say.

  2. Stop getting ready to get ready. Just start making shit happen. There will never be a perfect time to make a change. Doesn’t have to be a massive leap all at once — but start taking steps.

  3. The universe sends clues. Keep your eyes open every day. There is a reason we all joined Happy Hour this month — something drew us together.

  4. Thank the suck. Because that sucky part? It’s what will drive you.

As Jamie shared, find “your 87-cent moment” — like her friend, when he saw he had 87 cents in the bank, vowed to never be there again. It shifted everything for him.

So whether you have 87 cents left or are feeling the rumble strips in your own day job or are starting to see patterns or breadcrumbs from the universe, sit with it. Listen to it. Then do what it’s telling you to do.

We'll see you in 2022!

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