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RSP Annual Challenge Experience: Nov. 2022

Signature Opportunity

This November we're bringing together 150+ bold unapologetic women for an event designed to challenge the universe to see talented women differently through voices of inspiring women who have walked the walk. As a recruiter, progressive organization, talent acquisition professional or business entity interested in strong voices actively changing the conversation about what it means to work and live in today’s new normal - this event hits your target market, while being a room you want to be in. Sponsor partner details coming soon!

Happy Hour Sponsor / Guest Voice: $500

We bring the audience, you bring your conviction, support and expertise. Happy Hour exposure is some of the very best kind. Not only will you feel a part of the conversation, you'll earn the right to be at the table for the next one (and the next, and the next, and the next) too. 

PopUp Partner

Challenging RSPers means presenting new ideas and ways for them to engage. From mind, body and spirit engagements to the sort of experience they're not quite expecting - no idea is off the table or too crazy. Let's talk about your concept, goals and create a plan together.

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