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Flying with Your Superpower

By Heather Boschke


Do you Kolbe?

We started August’s happy hour with Erin Werde walking us through the power of the Koble Index and her path of leaving her day job to transition to unleashing her own superpowers and those of others. As President of The Instinctive Advantage, focus of Erin’s work is helping people operate as the best version of themselves through the Koble Index.

The Kolbe A Index (Instinct Test) is unique in that it measures the instinctive ways you take action when you strive. Your customer Kolbe A Index Results allow individuals to be more productive, less stressed, and unlock joy at work, with family, and all of the places in between. RSP’er Susan McBeth shared how the results of her Kolbe not only affirmed what she innately knew about how she works in her zone of genius, but also how it’s helping her forge a new path forward. The power of the Koble is real folks…

And you may be thinking, I have no idea what my super power is. The tricky thing about super powers is that they hide in plain sight, since they are the things you do so effortlessly and easily that you often take it for granted. Every single one of us has a special gift that no one else can express like we can. These natural skills and passions are our superpowers.

They are also key to finding meaningful work you love… because when you do something that you easily excel at and enjoy, it means you are operating in your zone of genius.

So if you don’t know what your superpower is, there are four simple ways of figuring it out:

#1) Pay attention

Observe what people acknowledge you for. Go through your linkedin recommendations, reread the emails of thanks and praise you’ve receied… what words keep showing up? And what themes are you seeing?

#2) Feel the flow

Flow is when you are effortlessly and unselfconsciously immersed in an activity. It’s when your focus is completely on what you’re doing, and time disappears. What are those activities for you?

#3) Listen to the asks

What do people come to you for most? Is it organizing, is it help planning an event, is it pairing the perfect wine with dinner? These are often examples of you being sought out for your superpower.

#4) Phone a friend

Drop a note to 4-5 people in your life and ask them what you are best at and what your strengths are. And when people tell you what you are best at, believe them!

If you do these things… themes will emerge which will point you towards your super powers. And then tools like the Kolbe help to ensure those superpowers are able to shine.

Resources that can help you navigate and maximize your superpowers:

· The Big Leap, Gay Hendricks

· How to Ikigai, TedTalk

And with that – happy flying you badass warrior queen!


Heather Boschke is a founding Lead Voice of RSP. She is also a marketer and professor who uses her energy and optimism to ignite the best kind of fires within people. A leader who is passionate about lifting up women so that we can collectively earn more, challenge the norms of society, and live life on our terms. You can find Heather leading RSP classes and cohorts, on the board of directors at Breakthrough Twin Cities, and see her bird drawings at BuddhaBirdie.

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