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Our Last Happy Hour was a perfect expression of RSP's WHY in every story, each wave of support, and every celebration of the spirit of change.

-- by Hilary Bilbrey


RSP is not a networking group. We don’t come, titles and elevator pitches in hand, waiting for someone to make the right connection for us.

We are a group of bold, unapologetic, growth-oriented, kind-hearted, service-driven, badass women. Do some of those terms seem contradictory? They very much are. We are beautifully complicated, amazing women. And in RSP, we show up for one another as we navigate change.

Last night, in our monthly happy hour, I was reminded again about women do so well – build relationships that matter. Our members were promoting each other’s books, connecting them to jobs, cheering one another on, offering guidance and different perspectives, but most of all filling each other up with the energy we need to go out and have the courage to find our next best thing.

Our guest speaker, Mary Younggren, CEO of Advent Talent Group, asked us to consider our gifts – not our job titles, as we consider radical pivots. What do we bring forth that no one else does? Can we be flexible enough to transfer that skill into another industry?

Maybe I can sell you the best bed you have ever slept on in your life, but what I would rather do is sell you on becoming the best version of yourself. In the former, I'm in retail sales. In the latter, I am a coach and speaker. In both cases, I need to gain your trust, listen, and help you find what you need. Our skills are transferable if we give ourselves credit for what we do well. And if there is passion in why you do are doing it.

We also heard from three RSPers, each of whom generously shared her own personal story of a radical career pivot. Each had some very actionable advice:

  • Tell your story based on your skills, not your titles. (RSP's Let’s Get Ready to Get R.E.A.L. class can help.)

  • Never turn down a coffee. You don’t know where it might lead. Have your networking brief with you when you go. (Looking for support in building and telling your story? RSP's Pitch Perfect and Networking Beyond Your Networking classes will guide you.)

  • Know what you want your life to look like, so you can choose a job that meets YOUR criteria. Maybe it is about being present for your family, traveling, or protecting me time. Not all measurables are money and title related. (Redefine your own non-negotiables with RSP's My Scorecard. My Rules class)

You know what? I left last night filled up - ready to build momentum in my own path forward. I had actionable steps. I had courage and inspiration from my fellow RSPers. And I know I have a place I can return to again and again for direction. The RSP community is the GPS to my next best thing.

Ready to plug in to that same GPS for your own change journey? Watch for our 2022 class schedule (to be posted soon), and join more than 75 RSP members and guests at the RSP 9-Hour Challenge on Saturday, Nov. 6th. Consider it your first step on your own great migration. And, of course, never miss an RSP Happy Hour. You will never meet a more amazing group of women who will always show up for you.

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